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Tue 21st October 2008
GreenPalm: new membership rules come into force
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Positive developments since our last e-newsletter include: further trades of GreenPalm certificates, a steady influx of membership applications and encouraging feedback from a wide range of palm oil users and retailers. The purpose of this email however is to tell you about important changes to the GreenPalm membership rules and Brokerage Terms & Conditions, which have now been uploaded to the website.
Why change and what are the implications?

The new membership rules include a number of important changes. Firstly, the GreenPalm yield calculation has been changed from 93% to 94% to bring it into line with the recently established yield calculation for RSPO certified palm oil. Secondly, palm kernel oil has been formally brought into the GreenPalm programme.

Last, but not least, the new rules simplify the claims process for retailers. They state that retailers of own label products can claim to have supported the sustainable production of palm oil, if the manufacturers of those products have purchased GreenPalm certificates in respect of those items, on their behalf. These changes, though minor, have major implications, and each represents an important step forward.

Trade mark and claims guidanceā€¦

Now that GreenPalm certificates are being traded we have developed a set of guidance notes on the use of the GreenPalm trade mark, and the claims that can be made in respect of the GreenPalm programme.

As you might expect they contain some ‘dos’ and a few ‘don’ts’, but their intention is clear – to help members make the most of their association with GreenPalm. So click here Trade Mark and Claim Guidance to download your copy and, if you’re a member, remember to feature GreenPalm in your marketing and promotional activity.

That’s all for now and thanks for your on-going support of GreenPalm.

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