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Wed 21st April 2010
Spreading the word about GreenPalm
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It’s been a good few weeks since our last newsletter, because we’ve been busy travelling to trade shows and exhibitions to tell everyone about GreenPalm!

First in line was the Baking Industry Exhibition at Birmingham NEC, where we spoke with some of the leading names in commercial baking.

Another big one for us was a trip to Paris, where In Cosmetics gave us the chance to raise awareness of the role palm oil plays in make-up and fragrance. We explained how brands can show their customers what they’re doing about the environmental issue everyone’s talking about – and how they in turn can rally support for the cause by telling customers why sustainable palm oil is so important.

I can’t pretend it was easy getting home to the UK after that one – something to do with a volcanic ash cloud grounding all flights in Europe – but we made it back eventually, ready to start preparing for PLMA in Amsterdam. The annual “World of Private Label” show takes place this year on 18th and 19th May. As major retailers respond to consumer demand for sustainable products and ingredients, it is crucial that all involved know how they can support ethical sourcing and production – so this will be a great chance for us to tell key players in the industry about GreenPalm.

Now let’s aim for our first million!

So far, more than 600,000 GreenPalm certificates have been traded. Demand is growing each month and this is reflected in the current price of certificates – at the time of writing, palm oil certificates are trading at $15, while the price of certificates for palm kernel oil currently stands at a very healthy $14.49.

Remember, each certificate earns more money for producers who have gone to the effort of putting themselves through a rigorous sustainability audit. Whether they’re a big company shipping huge volumes abroad or a smallholder selling their oil locally, they’re showing how sustainable practices are paying off for everyone – themselves, their families, their customers and, most of all, the rain forest.

GreenPalm in the press

Great news for North American companies – the first shipment of certified sustainable palm oil is on its way to AAK’s site in New Jersey. This is a big step for North America, where awareness of the palm oil issues is growing rapidly. We’re currently talking to customers and colleagues in the US and Canada to tell them about sustainable palm oil and, for those who can’t yet use the physical material, GreenPalm certificates.

Back in Europe, Unilever hit the headlines this month as the company announced it had bought GreenPalm certificates to cover its entire European use of palm oil, as well as some of its work in New Zealand and Australia. The purchase will enable Unilever to fund sustainable production until the company can buy all its physical palm oil from certified sustainable sources by 2015.

Unilever’s Gavin Neath said: “Until suitable segregated supply chains become available, GreenPalm certificates are the best option to encourage growers to comply with the requirements of the RSPO and certify their plantations as sustainable. Our consumers can now confidently choose Unilever brands in the knowledge that we are actively supporting the development of a sustainable palm oil industry.”

My sentiments exactly.

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