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Wed 25th May 2011
RSPO-certified production passes 5 million tonnes mark
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RSPO-certified palm oil production facilities produced their five-millionth tonne of certified sustainable palm oil earlier this month.

Thanks to an ever increasing number of certified production units, the latest million tonnes were added to the total tally in just three months time. As a comparison, it took one full year to pass the first million tonnes mile stone in August 2009. The ten million tonnes mark is in sight for the end of this year. Sales of sustainable palm oil continue to increase as well. March 2011 shattered previous records with over 269,000 tonnes of sustainable palm oil sold by RSPO-certified mills.

9 Percent of world's palm oil production now certified

The current estimated annual production capacity of RSPO-certified production units, 4.2 million tonnes of sustainable palm oil, equals about 9 percent of global production, estimated to be about 46 million tonnes annually.

An estimated 11,500 tonnes of sustainable palm oil currently leave RSPO-certified oil mills every day. About 54 percent of the world's current RSPO-certified palm oil production capacity is in Malaysia. Indonesia is second, with about 35 percent of the current global supply.

Papua New Guinea and Colombia provide the remaining 10 percent and 1 percent, respectively. Within Malaysia, the Peninsula holds a little more certified capacity than Borneo; Within Indonesia, Sumatra has five times more certified capacity than Kalimantan.

Other than palm oil, certified mills also collect palm kernels for further processing. At present, certified production units harvest close to 1 million tonnes of palm kernels annually, out of which about 450,000 tonnes of RSPO-certified sustainable palm kernel oil and derivatives will be processed.

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