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Thu 8th November 2012
RSPO certified independent smallholder market's now available
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If you have visited the GreenPalm market over the last few days you may have noticed some new markets appear, I.S. Palm Oil, I.S. Palm Kernel Oil and I.S. Palm Kernel Expeller. These new markets represent RSPO certified independent Smallholder certificates.

The first group of independent smallholders received RSPO certification last month, based in Thailand.

Simon Chrismas, GreenPalm ‘We responded due to the huge interest from our members for the first RSPO independent smallholder certificates, forming a separate GreenPalm market for independent palm oil smallholders as they are unique growers. Unlike schemed smallholders, Independent smallholders are not associated to a specific mill and can sell their fresh fruit bunches (FFB’s) on the open market. It is more difficult for independent smallholders to export their production; the volume will be consumed locally in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. As the GreenPalm option (RSPO book & claim) is not tied to the physical palm oil supply chain the groups of independent smallholders can convert their certified FFB’s into certificates and place offers for these on the GreenPalm I.S markets.

Brands can then chose to purchase I.S certificates to offset their physical palm, palm kernel oil usage, the additional family smallholder story can be told via brand/corporate communication. Palm oil is not just about big business, schemed and independent smallholders support 3 million households and employ over 1 million workers across the globe’.

Smallholders account for 30% of the total global production of palm oil, making up 40% of the land coverage used for palm oil cultivation. It’s vital that if we are to transform the market that smallholders, schemed and independent are shown the same support as large, intergraded growers/refiners. There is also the option to support specific independent smallholder projects via our off market deal facility.

GreenPalm also has RSPO certified schemed smallholders such as Cargill Hindoli, Keresa Plantations and Felda. These specific schemed smallholders can also be supported directly via off market deals along with all other registered certificates owners. Only RSPO certified growers/producers can convert their certified tonnage and register certificates for sale via GreenPalm.

If you would like any further information or have any questions regarding independent smallholder certificates please contact us directly.

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