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Fri 8th February 2013
GreenPalm Celebrating National Girl Scout Cookie Day - Supporting Sustainable Palm Oil
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If you have purchased a box of the world-famous Girl Scout cookies today you may have noticed a new badge to go with their revamped packaging for the 2013 season - the GreenPalm logo.

Each box of the treats now bears the symbol to show customers that the Girl Scouts of the USA support sustainability in the palm oil industry.

The GSUSA and their licensed bakers have pledged to move to a RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) segregated, source of sustainable palm oil by 2015, based on market availability. In the mean time they have committed to support RSPO-certified producers by using the RSPO Book & Claim supply chain option, purchasing GreenPalm certificates to cover their palm usage. The certificates enable the Girl Scouts to pay an RSPO-certified palm oil mill/plantation a premium for an equivalent amount of oil that’s used in the cookies, in the process supporting sustainable palm oil production at its very source.

Girl Scouts sell over 200 million boxes of cookies throughout the USA each year, in the process learning life skills such as goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

The chart below shows how the funds for each cookie box sold are allocated. (Chart courtesy of

For the first time since 1999, the cookies have a new packaging design to promote the aims of the Girl Scout Cookie Program, a $786m business led by the organisation's girls. The contemporary new look reflects the Girl Scouts' refreshed brand image and embodies the spirit of modern Girl Scouting, which includes a strong awareness of ethical and environmental issues.

The GreenPalm logo was incorporated into the new pack designs for the range of 11 cookies, to show the organisation's commitment to addressing conservation and sustainability concerns related to Girl Scout Cookies.

So far over 6 million tonnes of sustainable palm oil has been supported via GreenPalm, we are delighted that girl scout cookies are part of the growing number of brands to support the RSPO.

The Girl Scout Cookie season runs from October to May, with the majority of local cookie sales beginning in late January or early February. If you're in the USA, find out here when cookies are available near you.

We highly recommend the Do-si-dos, or peanut butter sandwich !

To find out more about the GSUSA’s palm oil commitment you can search their FAQ page.

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