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Tue 19th February 2013
WWF Assessment of RSPO Member Palm Oil Producers 2013
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The WWF assess RSPO certified palm oil producers on their progress made towards 100% RSPO certification for their mills and supply base.

Using the data submitted to the RSPO via the 2012 annual communication of progress (ACOP) reports, the WWF have scored palm oil grower members against a number of set criteria:

  • Whether the member reported
  • Whether the member set a time bound plan (TBP)
  • Percentage of member's total estate area that is certified
  • Of the 92 growers in the RSPO, 64 submitted ACOPs (70%)
  • Only 54 of the growers have disclosed the extent of estates that they manage = 3.8 million hectares
  • 32 growers reported that they had some certified estates – a total of 1.4 million ha or 37% of their total reported area
  • 53 growers disclosed how much crude palm oil they produce of which 6.6 million tonnes (or 38%) is reported as certified
  • Only 50 of the growers (54%) had set themselves any sort of time-bound plan for certification of their estate land
  • Only 33 (36%) of members had set themselves a time-bound plan for 2015 or sooner
  • Only 29 out of the 92 companies have time-bound plans for certifying their associated smallholders that have a long term contractual relationship to supply fresh fruit bunches (FFB) to their mills

To review the full report and to find out how each RSPO grower member scored against the criteria click here.

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