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No sustainable palm oil strategy, a gamble worth taking?



Semi-solid at room temperature, palm oil and palm kernel oil are amongst the world’s most versatile raw materials. As a result they can be found in one in two supermarket products including many baked goods; from cookies and pastries to bread and pies. In fact, the use of palm oil in the USA has tripled in the past decade, particularly in the baking industry where it is sometimes preferred as a healthier, trans fat-free alternative to traditional bakery fats.

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GreenPalm to call for a clearer global strategy on sustainable palm oil


Global Flag

GreenPalm, the sustainable palm oil certificate-trading programme, is growing from strength to strength, but the transition period to a fully sustainable palm oil industry will be a long haul that needs commitment from all corners of the globe.

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GreenPalm Speaking at first RSPO European Summit


RSPO European Summit Logo

The first European summit for sustainable palm oil "Certified sustainable palm oil in Europe: taking the market transformation to the next level". The summit takes place on the 3rd September in Berlin.

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Promoting Sustainable Palm Oil at IFT 2013


IFT 2013

GreenPalm, the certificate trading programme designed to tackle the environmental and social problems associated with the production of palm oil, will join more than 20,000 of the world’s top food science and technology professionals at the IFT Food Expo in Chicago this July.

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RSPO Book and Claim - Communicating your support for sustainable palm oil


Palm fruit

With numerous sustainable standards now covering global agricultural commodities from Palm Oil to Coco, we can appreciate it’s difficult to keep track of all the rules on communicating your sustainable policies/goals.

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