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Committing to sustainable palm oil does not have to be complex for cosmetics brands


With consistent consumer demand for ethically and environmentally sound cosmetic and personal hygiene products, a growing number of manufacturers are assessing their palm oil supply chains.

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Blog interview with Simon Perry from Johnson and Johnson - Supporting the RSPO


J&J Logo

For global healthcare brand Johnson & Johnson, buying a segregated supply of sustainable palm oil is not a straightforward matter. That's why the household name chose to support RSPO-certified producers with GreenPalm. We spoke to Johnson & Johnson's Simon Perry to find out more...

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GreenPalm means claiming support – not sustainable palm oil content


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It was great to see Philadelphia Zoo talk about GreenPalm and RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil on its blog this week. The post included a clear description of how GreenPalm works and said it was “a good tool to bridge the transition from non-sustainable to sustainable palm oil” but emphasised that it should be only an interim measure, used while a business changes its supply chains over to a fully segregated supply of RSPO-certified palm.

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J&J Inspires Farmers in Thailand to Commit to Sustainable Production of Palm Oil


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In January last year our blog story told you about how GreenPalm, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) - one of the world's largest consumer health companies were helping to inspire palm smallholder farmers in Thailand to move towards a sustainable future.

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Planning your spring clean? Make sure your cleaning products have the right credentials.


Henkel Cleaning Products

It’s the time of year when thoughts turn to lighter evenings, milder weather and spring cleaning. Removing that layer of dust that’s accumulated over winter is a must for most homeowners, but how do you make sure that the products you use to clean your house aren’t harming the environment?

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