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Certified sustainable palm oil
Mon 16th July 2012
GreenPalm – a solution for the animal feed industry
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Did you know the feed you give your herd could be contributing to climate change? A recent mapping exercise by Defra shows that animal feed accounts for 20% and 83% of the palm oil and palm kernel oil imported into the UK respectively. Unbeknown to the majority of farmers, feed manufacturers and compounders, the production of these oils can have a devastating impact not just on the climate and environment, but on economic stability and communities in the areas where palm oil is grown.

Palm oil is one of the world’s most versatile raw ingredients and can be found in one in two supermarket items, from confectionery to cosmetics, baked goods to cleaning products. The oil is also used in animal feed, and while major global retail chains, multiples and manufacturers such as Arla, Danone, Kelloggs, M&S and Unilever have already begun to show their support for sustainable palm oil products, the agriculture industry has been slower to catch on.

General manager of GreenPalm Bob Norman explains.

“The manufacturers and retailers are already supporting sustainable production as they know this is the responsible thing to do,” said Mr Norman. “However, many farmers in the UK are unaware that the feed they use contains palm product, or palm kernel expellers, let alone how the production of palm products is affecting the environment.

“Due to pressure from environmental groups, the world’s biggest companies have begun exploring ways in which they can support the growth of a more sustainable industry. It will only be a matter of time before these groups turn their attentions to other sectors, such as the feed industry.”

So how can farmers, manufacturers and compounders in the UK make a difference?

Bob Norman continues: “Farmers are under enormous pressure to produce food in ever-more sustainable ways in order to feed a growing global population and counter the effects of climate change. By demanding a sustainable product, the feed merchants and manufacturers will have to act.

“We believe the GreenPalm programme is a realistic option for those companies who want to support the production of a sustainable palm oil and help their counterparts in other parts of the world improve their agricultural practices.”

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