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The GreenPalm market has now closed for trading. To support RSPO certified sustainable production via the Book and Claim option please refer to Palmtrace at www.rspo.org

Redeemed certificate information will remain available to view via the GreenPalm website.

Certified sustainable palm oil
Mon 1st August 2016
GreenPalm 2017 and beyond
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As of the 1st January 2017 GreenPalm will no longer be endorsed by the RSPO to run the certificate / credit trading supply chain option, as indicated by today’s RSPO announcement. However, we can confirm we will continue to operate GreenPalm in 2017 and continue to support the work of the RSPO.

- One GreenPalm certificate will still represent one tonne of RSPO certified sustainable palm.

- Certified growers will still be directly rewarded for their efforts.

- GreenPalm certificate buyers will still be able to claim that they are supporting certified sustainable palm, palm kernel and palm kernel expeller, and use the GreenPalm logo on pack and elsewhere.

The only change is that GreenPalm will not be specifically endorsed by the RSPO.
We note that the RSPO intends to offer an alternative credit trading scheme, for which the rules are in development, but are most likely to be somewhat different from the GreenPalm rules. So from 1 January 2017 we will have a welcome competitive environment for certificate/credit brokerage.

We will continue to invest in our programme, with a range of service and product improvements planned for 2017.

Most importantly, we will continue to offer inclusivity, transparency and credibility, along with traceability back to specific certified sustainable mills and, of course, the efficient and professional service which we know is highly valued by GreenPalm members.   
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