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Wed 3rd June 2015 to Wed 3rd June 2015
RSPO European Roundtable 2015 #eurt2015
Event Type: RSPO Event
GreenPalm will be attending the 3rd RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable palm oil) EU roundtable. This years event takes place on the 3rd June at The Park Plaza Hotel, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
RSPO European Roundtable 2015

Why come to the conference?

Palm oil is a hot topic for consumers. More and more are demanding that the palm oil in their products be produced sustainably. This presents a challenge for Supply chain managers, CSR managers, marketers and business strategists. In this environment, you want to assure consumers that your brand or product is doing the right thing and keeping pace with their demands, but you also need to be sure that the sustainability standards you are buying in to really work.

Issues: Hear the most up to date information on the state of the European market for palm oil. Find out about the RSPO plan for 100% CSPO by 2020.
Insights: Discover the new synergies that are being created between the RSPO and new tools and initiatives being developed in the field and by businesses.
Understanding: Discuss the latest developments in RSPO’s standard and the supply chain: traceability, accountability, communicating to consumers and inclusiveness of smallholders.
Engagement: Hear about what is being done and what more needs to be done to reach 100% CSPO in Europe by 2020. 
Interaction: Interact with experts that are leading the field in sustainable palm oil. Discover the realities on the ground and the plans for the future. 
Change: Learn about how the action that is taken in Europe can influence the CSPO market. Make a commitment to be part of this positive change.

'100% CSPO in Europe by 2020 - Our Shared Action Plan'

We hope you can join us at this years RSPO EU roundtable. Full program details and booking information visit www.eurt.rspo.org 

Event hashtag: #eurt2015 

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Our contribution to the uptake of sustainable palm oil - CSPO and palm kernel oil CSPKO!

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