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The GreenPalm market has now closed for trading. To support RSPO certified sustainable production via the Book and Claim option please refer to Palmtrace at www.rspo.org

Redeemed certificate information will remain available to view via the GreenPalm website.

Certified sustainable palm oil

What is a sustainable standard?

A sustainable standard like the RSPO – Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil – is based on a set of principles and criteria which define good social and environmental practices within an industry/product.

The RSPO principles and criteria can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

The video below, courtesy of Iseal Alliance, provides an explanation on what sustainable standards do and various parts of the system that make them credible to local/global markets. The RSPO, focusing on palm oil sustainability, is currently an associate member of Iseal, working towards full compliance with the Codes of Good Practice. 

ISEAL Alliance:
"Sustainability standards operate in a diverse and complex landscape. In order to do so, they must be effective, efficient and credible."

Associated Downloads:
RSPO Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Palm Oil
RSPO certified sustainable palm oil production is comprised of legal, economically viable, environmentally appropriate and socially beneficial management and operations. This is delivered through the application of the following set of Principles and Criteria, and the accompanying Indicators and Guidance.