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The GreenPalm market has now closed for trading. To support RSPO certified sustainable production via the Book and Claim option please refer to Palmtrace at www.rspo.org

Redeemed certificate information will remain available to view via the GreenPalm website.

Certified sustainable palm oil

About palm oil 

Palm Oil Fruit
Key facts about palm oil and a look back at its history. Where is palm oil grown and which products / industries use palm, palm kernel oil and palm kernel expeller?
The globe
Palm oil is the number one vegetable oil in the world, find out where its grown and which country produces the most?
Why is Palm Oil Important?
Palm oil accounts for 35% of the world's vegetable oil demand. What are the reasons for its rapid expansion?
The rapid growth in demand for palm oil has caused environmental and social issues in growing regions. What are these issues and what is being done to tackle them?
About Palm Oil: FAQs
Frequently asked questions about palm oil.
Certified sustainble palm oil grower
Learn more about certified sustainable palm oil.
About Palm Oil Downloads
Downloads about palm oil.
and show your support for sustainable palm oil production
and help biodiversity