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The GreenPalm market has now closed for trading. To support RSPO certified sustainable production via the Book and Claim option please refer to Palmtrace at www.rspo.org

Redeemed certificate information will remain available to view via the GreenPalm website.

Certified sustainable palm oil

GreenPalm Blog - Archive 2012

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Posted: 20 Dec 2012
I like being asked at Christmas gatherings, “What is it that you do, exactly?” That’s because it’s the one time of the year that we’re likely to be near a table laden with perfect illustrations of the prevalence of palm oil and the need to produce it sustainably, and I can point to each tasty yet controversial food item as I answer.
Posted: 13 Dec 2012
Just over two per cent of all agricultural land in Thailand is given over to palm oil production, which equates to approximately 17.49 tonnes of palm oil per hectare of land per year. Of those growing palm fruit, 76 per cent are independent smallholders. It’s this statistic that sets Thailand apart from other key producers such as Malaysia and Indonesia, where the majority of PO and PKO is produced on large commercial plantations.
Posted: 08 Nov 2012
If you have visited the GreenPalm market over the last few days you may have noticed some new markets appear, I.S. Palm Oil, I.S. Palm Kernel Oil and I.S. Palm Kernel Expeller. These new markets represent RSPO certified independent Smallholder certificates.
Posted: 24 Oct 2012
As we head towards RT10 and the RSPO General Assembly on the 1st November, a group of growers, millers and environmental organisations have called for a resolution to the RSPO’s Principles and Criteria which urges all members to support RSPO certified palm oil through GreenPalm certificates, until they can achieve 100% physical, sustainable palm.
Posted: 23 Oct 2012
September saw GreenPalm reach a new milestone, trading a total of 5 million certificates since its launch in 2008, GreenPalm exclusively operates the Book&Claim supply chain option on behalf of the RSPO.
Posted: 14 Sep 2012
In addition to our attendance at RT10 (RSPO), we will also be exhibiting at the AOCS 2012 World Conference on Fabric & Home Care taking place on the 29th - 31st October in Singapore. The theme for the two day conference is 'Driving Performance through Sustainable Innovation’; this will be supported by the latest global research and perspective on, technology, products and industry trends.
Posted: 29 Aug 2012
Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the globe are being given the chance to support the production of sustainable palm oil thanks to a new membership level being offered by GreenPalm.
Posted: 28 Aug 2012
Organised by the Roundtable on sustainable palm oil (RSPO), the RT event is the world's largest sustainable palm oil conference. Bringing stakeholders together from across the globe, RT10 will address the major challenges as the industry works towards a sustainable future.
Posted: 27 Jul 2012
Staff from GreenPalm were joined by other local businesses to use their expertise to give a group of 80 Hull schoolchildren a lesson in global trade, during an event intended to help them learn more about International business.
Posted: 16 Jul 2012
Did you know the feed you give your herd could be contributing to climate change? A recent mapping exercise by Defra shows that animal feed accounts for 20% and 83% of the palm oil and palm kernel oil imported into the UK respectively. Unbeknown to the majority of farmers, feed manufacturers and compounders, the production of these oils can have a devastating impact not just on the climate and environment, but on economic stability and communities in the areas where palm oil is grown.
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