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The GreenPalm market has now closed for trading. To support RSPO certified sustainable production via the Book and Claim option please refer to Palmtrace at www.rspo.org

Redeemed certificate information will remain available to view via the GreenPalm website.

Certified sustainable palm oil

GreenPalm audits

Compulsory annual audit 2011 onwards

On instruction from the RSPO trade & traceability working group GreenPalm implemented annual compulsory member audits to check redeemed certificates and claims made against them on the 2011 markets. The qualifying redeemed certificate level from trading year 2011 onward is set at 500 certificates.

Retailer members are automatically selected for an audit and will qualify if they: a) request their private label suppliers to cover certificates or b) redeem more than the qualifying level of 500 under their own account. If they purchase under the qualifying level and do not request any coverage via their suppliers they will not require an audit.  

GreenPalm's trading year operates from January to December, offsetting your physical palm (CPO) / palm kernel (PKO) and palm kernel expeller (PKE) usage during that period. The annual GreenPalm markets do not close until March 31st the following year. The additional three months allow members to balance up to ensure the correct number of certificates has been purchased. 

Why we audit and what will be checked?

The reason for the rule change was to bring the Book & Claim option in line with the other three approved RSPO supply chain systems:

  • Identity Preserved 
  • Segregated
  • Mass Balance

Each of the above requires an annual physical RSPO audit against the supply chain standard. See the bottom of the page to download a copy. 

The GreenPalm audit does not require a physical site visit. GreenPalm claims can, however, be checked at the same time as your physical RSPO audit if you have completed your certificate purchases and end of year requirements for the trading year.

The GreenPalm audit is a simple desktop audit that checks the following three pieces of information:

  • Your total redeemed volume for the trading year.
  • Your physical palm / palm kernel usage. 
  • The GreenPalm claims you made e.g '100% of our palm oil supports the production of RSPO certified sustainable palm oil'.

We are often asked "What do you mean by claims" ?

  • Website statements
  • CSR reports
  • Logo/statement on packaging
  • WWF or other palm oil scorecards
  • RSPO ACOP reports 
  • Claim to a retailer under private label contract

How the audit works?

  • Download a copy of your annual claims report, this can done by logging into your secure GreenPalm trading account. or requesting a copy via the GreenPalm help desk. At the same time review the GreenPalm audit checklist document, gathering as much information as possible - PDF and Word versions of the audit checklist.
  • Email a copy of your annual claims report and checklist document (with supporting information) to your chosen auditor.
  • The auditor will carry out the necessary checks on the agreed date, using the information provided via the annual claims report and audit checklist.
  • The auditor will send you a signed copy of the audit checklist and certificate (if requested) or if there are any corrective action points, corrective actions will be agreed upon by the auditor and if necessary GreenPalm. Please send a copy of your signed annual audit checklist and certificate (if requested) to the GreenPalm member help desk.  
  • The deadline for completing the annual audit is the 31st December.

Action against non-completion of audits

Members who have not completed their audit by the 31st December will not be able to trade certificates until we receive confirmation of the agreed audit date. 
Associated Downloads:
GreenPalm Audit Checklist - editable
Editable Audit check-list used by the RSPO certifying body to conduct the GreenPalm audit.
GreenPalm Audit Checklist
GreenPalm audit checklist used for conducting the compulsory annual audit.
RSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard (Version 2014)
Details the requirements of the RSPO supply chain audit covering all supply chain options.
RSPO Guiding Rules for HPC derivatives - GreenPalm
Guiding rules for organisations in the personnel care sector
RSPO Approved Certification Bodies for GreenPalm Audits
Contact details for auditors approved to complete the annual GreenPalm audit.